Dante: talk given by Ron Ward at mid-Winter feast
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Dante: talk given by Ron Ward at mid-Winter feast

Please follow this link to the text of a talk that Ron Ward gave at the mid-winter feast on Sunday, 17 June 2018:

The Poem is often referred to these days as “The Divine Comedy” but was designated by Dante simply as, “Comedia”; a title that really only indicated it was fiction.

The question, to which you will have to find your own answers is: Is any valid spiritual path created entirely by seekers, or is it entirely or partially created by a link with a higher intelligence?

This talk was created as an introduction to Dante’s Poem. It was prepared originally for a poetry group but has been adapted several times to different audiences. 

Following his reading, Gillian Harris read the first Canto of the poem with great effect. there are many translations available on the internet and a couple in the WSG Library. Quite a lot of the article refers to what is described in the first Canto.

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