For inner peace and happiness

Our aim is to discover a reservoir of calm and peace amidst the movement of everyday life. One of the most powerful parts of us is one that we cannot see - the part that is often smothered by the sounds of our thinking mind. When we meditate, we quieten the mind and allow space for empowerment, wisdom, peace, joy and most of all calm.

“I knew that I needed that space, that connection with the quieter side.”

Are you seeking to develop a meditation practice in your life? We can teach a simple method of silent mantra meditation to bring rest, happiness and effectiveness to our everyday life.

This comes directly from the non-dualistic Advaita tradition of Shankaracharya. It is for anyone living and working in ordinary life; and is open to everyone, whether they have a belief or none at all.  It offers a way to Self-realisation.


It is easy to learn and, for best results, requires practice for two periods a day.  The practice of meditation is not a quick fix - it is more a gentle and gradual process. Over time, it allows us to respond to our lives in a more positive way and gives us the energy to cope more easily with difficulty and stress.

The method is taught on a one-to-one basis in a simple ancient ceremony. If you decide to learn after hearing a full explanation, you will be offered an appointment when you can receive the method..

This method of meditation is used by most of those who attend the weekly Wednesday meetings, but you are not expected to attend those meetings before or after learning this method.



View the calendar for dates and times and call evenings for further details - Jim 021 689 998