Thank you from Priscilla

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(Apologies for the images quality. I don't have the original but if anyone can send me better photos I'll replace these images. Thanks, Chris) [ Courtesy of Jim, the text of Priscilla's note reads: "For my friends in WSG Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and...

Problems of translation

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Often, WMC uses readings from sources that were not originally in English. The question then arises as to how reliable those translations are? In the end, even those readings that are originally in English may have archaic expressions and unfamiliar words that are not immediately comprehensible....

Pieces read at Ian Haxton's farewell

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Ian Haxton's ashes were laid to rest at Strathean on 13th January 2019. This was attended by Ron Ward, Salima (Marie Love), Yvonne Norfolk, Peter Wilkinson, Larry Purchas, David Weekley, Mavis Boyd, Terry and Loo Connor, Wendy Wilks, Chris Paice The following readings were read: A...