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Pieces read at Ian Haxton's farewell

Ian Haxton's ashes were laid to rest at Strathean on 13th January 2019. This was attended by Ron Ward, Salima (Marie Love), Yvonne Norfolk, Peter Wilkinson, Larry Purchas, David Weekley, Mavis Boyd, Terry and Loo Connor, Wendy Wilks, Chris Paice

The following readings were read:

  • A passage from Ian’s book ‘FCR and the New Zealand Connection’ read by Ron, reflecting on a special week attended by Dr. Roles.
  • 'There is one thing in the world you must never forget...' read by Terry and Loo.
  • 'Everything I have had to do, has now been done...'
  • 'There is only one consciousness...'
  • 'Three men climbing a wall'
  • Peter read the Spinoza passage, 'An exploration of meaning and purpose to existence'
  • Yvonne read from Dr. Roles ‘Voyage of Discovery’ (p.109)

You can read the full text of these in the attached document.

Also in the document, Mavis contributes one memory from the day, and a conversation between Frances Rudland and Sue Henderson remembering Ian.

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